Great Smiles

Our dentists in Tijuana are experts in tooth replacement with dental implants. Our ptices for dental work in Mexico will save you thousands of dollars,
Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant, plus crowns abd veneers will create a New smile makes all the difference!
Built up tarter can comprimise your teeth. Leasding to periodontal problems as well as tooth decay. A deep cleaning on a regular basis will keep your teeth healthy.
Regular Deep Dental Cleaning to remove plaque will maintain dental health.
Root canals in Tijuana can extend the life of a tooth. The infected material is removed, along with nerve tissue and blood supply. The cleand conduits are filled with guttapercha, and a fiberglass post. Finally a porcelain cap seals and protects the tooth.
When a cavity compromises the tooth structure and infects the nerve, a Root Canal can save an infected tooth,

We have top specialists for dental implants, both all on 4 or 6, as well as individual implants. When all the teeth on an arch must be replaced, unlike a removable denture that is taken out to clean and tends to wobble and is often uncomfortable, an all on 4 gives a permanent solution. By placing dental implants as a anchor, an bridge is made to mount on top of the gum ridge screwing onto the implants. This is the closest to functioning and apearance to real teeth. Modern technology to replace missing teeth, at an affordable price.

Dental Implants in Tijuana are the best treatment for tooth replacement. The bone is conserved, and the new tooth doesn't affect agjacent teeth, like with a fixed bridge.
Individual Dental Implants are the best option for individual tooth replacement. The bone is preserved, and adjacent teeth are not affected. The price of dental implant placement, abutment and crown in our Tijuana dentist office is $1780. Compare to US at $5000
teeth whitening in Tijuana. We can treat clean, and do laser whitening on your teeth in one session. Takes about 2 hours all said.
Yellow and stained teeth can quickly be transformed by laser Teeth Whitening resulting in a bright smile.
Dra. Eva Guerrero, Head Dentist

Hi, I’m Dra. Eva Guerrero, founder Happy Smile Dental

About Dra Eva

I have been a dentist for over 21 years, having graduated from the University Autonoma of Sinaloa in 2000, and later with a specialization in Endodontics from UABC in Tijuana. I love dentistry, I love doing root canals, and I especially love to create new smiles.

Our Tijuana dental Clinic

Happy Smile Dental Tijuana is a modern dental office, We offer full service dental treatments. Our prices are competative for dental work in Mexico, and are just 30% of what you would pay in the US,
Happy Smile Dental is on the 3rd floor, # 305. We are located in a modern Medical facility, in Zona Rio
Happy Smile Dental Staff are highly trained and ready to give you the best dental treatment.
Our Staff and dentists in Tijuana, plus a group of specialists who come for dental implants, periodontal work, and oral surgery.
Happy Smile Dental in Tijuana. offering dental treatments in Mexico at a huge savings over US prices,
The Dental Clinic Reception Area is warm and inviting.

Featuring Smile Makeovers:

We love to give you the smile you have always dreamed of. Dental Work doesn’t have to hit you like an economic punch in the gut. The cost of doing dental work in Tijuana is less than a 1/3 of what is commonly charged in the US. Our dentists have the highest level of training and experience, You can finally afford to get the smile of your dreams. Our patient coodinator can answer any questions you may have, get you quotes for dental work, time frames for finishing, and can make your appointments. He will even arrange transportation, and make hotel reservations here in Tijuana. 

Advantages to coming to Tijuana for dental work?

  1. Often times dental work requires follow up visits. Tijuana is very conveniently located next door to San Diego, CA. We are easily accesible. For example, some people thing to go to some remote area like Singapore, or India, or even Cancun. But remember, if you have to go back for more treatments, like stage two for dental implants, you have a lot more additional travel costs and time involved. Some of our patients dont want to stay for a week while thier new crowns are being made, but because  we are close, it is no problem to start on a Saturday, go home, and come again the next week to finish up. 
  2. Because of our proximity to the US, the entire dental industry here has built up to cater to US patients. That means, the best dentists, the best materials, the best technology is much more available in Tijuana, than in any other place. Dental and medical tourism is the main industry for Tijuana. There are great hotels at a cheap price, restaurants, and even the security of the city, the police department, is designed to keep the tourists secure.
  3. Tijuana and Baja California is a great place to visit, We are close to the ocean, with many places to visit and high qualitydining destinations, The valle of Guadalupe, “Wine Country” is close, as is the destination city of Ensenada. Many of our dental patients will take the time, while waiting for dental lab work to vome back, to go and explore. There are nice things to see while on a dental vacation.

Why Choose Happy Smile/EG Dental?

There are many different dental clinics in Tijuana. There are some that are geared for the local patients, often refered to as “hole in the wall” clinics down town. The sanitation might be dubious, and the dentist might try to save money by not bringing in a specialist when required and do work he was not fully trained for, like a root canal. You might save a little money, but you may get complications. Some clinics are huge with a lot of dentists, and a lot of patients. But the personal attention may be lacking, and the dental patients feel like they are in a dental mill.

Happy Smile is a small, but modern clinic. We are well equipted. We are located in the best part of thecity, in the Medical zone. You will feel safe and secure at all times. The staff is very professional, and we treat our patients like family. We have many years of practice, and are well connected with supporting specialists likeoral surgeons, and periodontists, to make sure oue patients get the best treatments possible,